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Getting Started
Helpful Tips for the Beginning Gardener

Whether you decide you want to grow vegetables or flowers, gardening can be can be a challenge to beginners. Gardening in containers  is one of the best ways to garden in small spaces. Easy to incorporate on your backyard patio or deck, you will enjoy watching your plants grow.

The Old Farmer's Almanac has been giving advice on vegetable gardening since it's founding in 1792. They can help you determine where to plant, what to plant, when to plant and how much to plant. 

Apps are one of the easiest ways to get information about identifying plants, pests and problems. Country Living has a list of the best apps already curated for you here.
Tips From a Master Gardener
Spring planting

Click here are some musings on gardening, spring planting, companion planting, gardening with children and more from a master gardener.
It's easy to get started

Curious about composting?  The basics of composting is reusing the parts of food items you normally would throw away. Here are 5 simple ways to ease into composting. Want to take it to the next level? Start small with a table top composter you can make yourself out of repurposed items, see this youtube video.  Ready for more?  Dig deeper into the methods of composting or for an illustrated explanation, check out this flyer with composting instructions from NH Department of Environmental Services.  Finally, learn how to let worms do the hard work with a wormery.
Planting for Pollinators
Creating green spaces for insects to travel unrestricted around our communities.

Pollinators are essential to gardening success both on a local level, your own backyard, and on a global level, our food supply. A new local initiative called Pollinator Pathways was started by the Kingston NH Conservation Commission. Over 100 strong these intrepid individuals are increasing awareness of pollinators and educating their neighbors on how important pollinators are to us all.

Information about pollinator plants for New Englandhost plants for butterfliesnative plants that attract pollinators and a flowering calendar for wildflowers can help you create your own "pollinator pathway".

Invasive Plants
How to Identify and Remove

The state of NH has identified a list of 27 invasive non-native plant species. For a quick way to identify these plants, use this poster of Prohibited Invasive Upland Plants.   Then visit the UNH extension website to find what is on the prohibited list, what is on the watch list and the best way to control and remove these plants.  Additionally UNH Extension has informative articles on specific invasive plants and insects.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service  website has information specfic to NH with downloadable datasheets on many invasive plants.
Tour Gardens Virtually
Inspiration for the gardener
Locally, Bedrock Gardens, in Lee NH, has a aerial tour available for your enjoyment.
House Beautiful has listed 8 gardens from around the world for free virtual tour during COVID-19.