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Hampton Falls Conservation Commission
Earth Day Roadside Clean-up

The Hampton Falls Conservation Commission is continuing its annual tradition of an Earth Day Roadside Clean-Up by encouraging towns people to stage their own clean-ups. This effort will not be limited to a particular day or time but may be completed at each person's availability. For detailed information see their flyer.

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation

The Blue Ocean Society's Mission: " To protect marine life in the Gulf of Maine through research, education and inspiring action." To learn more about who they are and what they do, see their website: www.blueoceansociety.org.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Currently the Blue Ocean Society has available online training sessions for volunteers on how to teach programs and how to run beach clean-ups.  For more information reagrding their seasonal and year round volunteer opportunities, click here.

The Center for Wildlife's mission is to cultivate and strengthen relationships between humans, wildlife and the environment resulting in a healthier, more sustainable community." To learn more about who and what they are, visit their website: https://www.thecenterforwildlife.org/.

Daily live FaceBook and YouTube "Morning Meetings" offer an opportunity to learn about different wildlife ambassadors. Each morning a different animal is introduced.  For more information, a calendar of upcoming animals and links to past events, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Center for Wildlife has opportunities to volunteer in the visitor center, medical clinic, wildlife hotline, facilities and even internships.

The Seacoast Science Center is located at Odiorne State Park in Rye NH. Their mission: "To spark curiosity, enhance understanding, and inspire conservation of our Blue Planet."

Marine Mammal Rescue:
Learn more about the marine mammal rescue program and how you can help.

Volunteer Opportunities:
The Seacoast Science Center has multiple ways to volunteer and even accept student voluneers ages 13-17.  Learn how you can participate in Volunteer oppportunities

Become a Citizen Scientist

Wondering what that bird is in your backyard? Birdwatching is a marvelous show this time of year. Learn more about which birds are living in your yard and track them so scientists can study bird activity in your area.  Click here to learn more.

eButterfly is an international, data driven project dedicated to butterfly biodiversity, conservation, and education.  Report your sightings, keep track of your butterfly life list, upload and share photos and more. Learn more about
 eButterfly here.


iNaturalist is a joint initiative with the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.  Connect with Nature, share your findings with others and add important data for scientists. Learn more about iNaturalist here.

Globe at Night 

Globe at night is an international citizen scientist campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution by inviting citizen scientists to measure and submit their night sky brightness observations.

Lost Ladybug Project: Learn about all the native varieties of North America ladybugs, the challenges they face and how you can help from Cornell University's: Lost Ladybug Project.