How to Get A Library Card


Any residents or business owners in Hampton Falls, as well as, residents of Wakeda Campground are eligible for a free library card.  Non-residents may obtain a card for a $40 annual fee.

Getting a library card is simple:

  1. Bring a piece of ID with proof of residency to the Library.
  2. Fill out a white registration form.
  3. Library staff will issue you a card and enter your information in our database.

Children under 18

Parents, please take note.  New Hampshire has one of the strongest library patron confidentiality laws (RSA 201-D:11) in the nation and that law applies to everyone regardless of age.  For that reason, many families opt to use a parent's card as a family card for all members of the family.

Those parents wishing to obtain a separate card and account for a minor child will need to fill out a salmon colored registration card and sign the form: A Child's First Library Card.